A Note From Archie Bell To BOB & TOM Fans

Tom received this note from Archie Bell of ‘Archie Bells and the Drells’ of “Tighten Up” fame. He sent this note to Tom and our listeners:

Dear Tom,

This is Randy Overton for Archie Bell. This message goes out to all of you around the world who are Archie Bell fans, and Facebook friends. Back on March 11, 2021, Archie had a light stroke. We kept this quiet per family request until now. He was in the hospital for a week and then 2 weeks in rehab. He went back in the hospital this past Thursday due to an infection from a pressure ulcer/bedsore. The Dr’s said his prognosis for recovery is very good. He will be going to another rehab center once he leaves the hospital early this coming week. He could be there 1-2 months until he gets back to normal. His stroke was on his right side. Dr’s said this was a blessing for him. Since he is left-handed and your voice comes from the left side of the brain, he has a lot to be thankful for. He should be Tightening Up again in the near future.

I just spoke to Archie and he would love to hear from his friends. If you could send him a postcard, note, a get-well card, anything for him to catch up with his fans/friends and cheer him up would be appreciated.

Please send to:
Mr. Archie Bell
PO Box 24334
Houston, Texas 77229 USA